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Looking for a Dean or Castiel

Name: Em
LJ: badbastion, though I can make a new one if we RP on LJ.
Timezone: US Central

I write: Sam
I'm looking for (from the fandom): Dean or Castiel
Pairings interested in: Wincest, Weecest, Sastiel.

Method of play: GoogleDocs, email, Gchat, RP threads on LJ or DW

I'm pretty easy-going about it. I prefer RPing paragraph-style, though I don't care if your response is only a sentence sometimes. (If we find a good rapport, it can be fun to do it chat-style, too.) I'm not picky AT ALL about typos, because I make them too and we can always fix them :) I don't require perfect grammar, either, because mine's lacking sometimes, too (and I don't think Sam or Dean think or speak in perfect grammar, anyway.)

My responses usually come between a few minutes and a few weeks, depending on my creative urges and my proximity to a computer. I'm more usually around during the daytime than at night.

I'm used to RPing using GoogleDocs, Gchat, email, or in a dedicated LJ journal. If you have another way that you need to do it, I'm open to suggestion, though I don't like downloading chat programs.

Things I like to do (in no particular order): heavy storylines, light storylines as an excuse to get characters intimate, pwp, slow-burn, UST, hurt/comfort, Wincest or Sastiel (obviously lol), weecest (as long as characters are 14 and older), just about any canon versions of Sam, Dean and Castiel, first times, curses, some dub-con (like sex pollen, fuck-or-die, curses, somnophilia, drunk!sex, possessed!sex, things like that), pre-series, unrequited leading to requited, rough sex, gentle sex, angry sex, reluctant sex lol, clothed to partially-clothed sex, totally naked sex, intimacy, guilt, angst, humor, horror, gore, light D/s if the occasion calls for it, light bondage, Sam/Dean/Female Character (original or canon), lots of different things.

Things I don't like or usually do, but may be talked into in some instances: non-canon character death, bodily functions in a sexual situation, mpreg, A/B/O, AUs (this isn't necessarily a dislike, just something I haven't done before in SPN fandom), heavy shmoop, Dean speaking correctly/formally way too often, Castiel never using contractions, bestiality, crossovers, hardcore BDSM or D/s.

I'm pretty vanilla about my likes and dislikes, but I'm not sure if Sam is, so if something comes up we can just see how he reacts :)

If you're interested, or have any questions, please leave me a comment or PM me with who you want to play, how you like to RP, and the kinds of things you like, and we'll talk about it. The biggest thing I ask is that you be over 18 if we're going to RP anything more than PG-13-rated.

If you're a writer who hasn't RPed before but feel like you have a good grasp on your characterization and would like to try, I'd be happy to talk you through it to see where it goes :)
Tags: play: sam winchester, want: castiel, want: dean winchester
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