Georgie (pieofthetiger) wrote in spn_rpers,

Dean looking for Sam/Cas/Or Crossovers.

Name: Georgie
LJ: This one.
Timezone: NZDT (But I'm on a lot)

I write: Dean, Sammy and Castiel, but my main is preferably Dean. (Also play 11th Doctor if anyone is interested in a crossover)

I'm looking for (from the fandom):

  • Sammy

  • Castiel.

  • Lucifer

  • Gabe/Trickster

I'm looking for (outside the fandom):

  • The Doctor

  • Will Turner (Flying Dutchman Captain from Pirates of the Caribbean)

  • Damon (Vampire Diaries)

  • Marvel Characters (Male only)

  • Xmen Charactes

  • Any male characters, even OC.

Pairings interested in:

  • Destiel

  • Wincest

  • Any slash pairing.

Story ideas:

  • Well with pirates of the Caribbean, I'm thinking Dean and Sammy die at sea (I can play both) and become crew on the ship.

  • Sam/Dean, you know the deal, the boys hunt things. Fix each other up, look out for each other. And who knows ;) I can deal with any kind of Sammy where it comes to this. You want Demonblood!Sammy, you can play Demonblood!Sammy. Hell you can even play Lucifer Sammy or Soulless!Sammy if you like. I'm good with anything. Even college Sam.

  • Destiel, well god, it's one of my favorite pairings when the player is around. I haven't had much success with Castiel's yet, but I'm really hoping to find one soon. I have a thing for all the good Castiel!kinks, we can talk about that later.

  • As for the others lets talk.

Feelings about RP: Well here the thing. I've been roleplaying for about 12 years now. I don't do anything but Slash really, though if you're offering me up someone strong like idk for example Ellen Ripley from aliens or Sarah Connor from Terminator, then maybe I'd talk about it. But other than that, sorry. I am over 18 so I do like to smut a bit, but please, I like plot with my smut and a lot of it. I write in third person and trust me, I'm good with typos and with people being on phones and anything, as long as you're willing to let me know if you're going to keep me waiting. I can throw out up to 200 posts a day if we've got something good and trust me these aren't one liners. I write everything from a one liner (for times when I need a reply or a reaction) up to 3000 words for a nice length, descriptive starter. I don't /expect/ anything form you, other than GOOD COMMUNICATION. This is a partnership and it wont work any other way.

Method of play:

  • AIM

  • Google Docs/Drive

  • Maybe LJ threading. (This may be unlikely as people who do this seem to ditch the most)

Anything to add?: Yeah, if you have any intention of dropping out, that's cool with me okay, we all have different tastes and different lifestyles and personalities, but don't just leave me hanging, let me know. I'll be cool. Also, if you wish to rp with me and want my aim etc, INBOX ME, it's the best way.

Tags: play: castiel, play: dean winchester, play: sam winchester, want: castiel, want: gabriel/trickster, want: lucifer, want: sam winchester
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