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Community Gravedigging. For Slash.

Name: Sentinel
LJ: sentinelwulf
Timezone: Atlantic

I write: Castiel, Jimmy, and some OCs
I'm looking for: Dean, Sam, or Crowley. Other characters can be fun too.
Pairings interested in:Destiel. It's kind of a given. :p I'm up for Cas/Almost Anybody though.

Story ideas:Obligatory Cas and Dean awkward romance goes here.

Human!Cas trying to help out on hunts, or just function properly.

Castiel sexual discovery or manipulation/blackmail is fun.

Godstiel being a rampaging jerkface holds many possibilities.

Also like the idea of AUs with Master/Slave scenarios because I'm a perv.

Feelings about RP: I'm a very experienced RPer, however I am totally new to Supernatural RP. I only just got the notion to try it recently.

I like players who I can chat at outside of RP, and who are patient when waiting for a reply. xD Open mind and good grammar makes you awesome.

I dislike having requirements for posting, ie. "it has to be this long". Sometimes my posts are big, sometimes they're small. It varies.

I mostly tend to do smutty stuffs, but I also love horror stories. I also rock wing!kink at every possible opportunity.

Method of play: AIM = TheSentinelWolf


Anything to add? I'm extremely quiet by nature, so you may have to jab me with sharp objects. If you message me and I don't respond, then I am not at the computron. My status lies all the time.

I am plenty friendly and open, so hit me up for RP or just general fandom squeeing, or whatever it is you wish to do.
Tags: play: castiel, play: jimmy novak, want: crowley, want: dean winchester, want: sam winchester
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