Effy (defiant_deviant) wrote in spn_rpers,

Timezone: GMT -5

I write: Sam, Dean, Crowley, Castiel as the mains. I consider myself pretty versatile, so I'm willing to pick up anyone else needed for the plot.

I'm looking for: Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, Sam, Dean

Pairings interested in: At the moment, I'm craving a Gabriel to my Sam. I like rare pairs, so Crowley/Dean, Crowley/Cas, Crowley/Gabe(?). Willing to do Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas, and Wincest if tempting plot/excellent partner. If it's not on here, you're still free to ask. As long as it's a male/male pair, I'm generally pretty comfortable about it.

Story ideas: Likely to be something AU-ish, either an alternate storyline (what if this happened, what if this didn't happen) or something totally different. I kind of like to get with my partners about what they like and we'll go from there.

Feelings about RP: I have the most experience with playing Crowley, perhaps surprisingly. I like creative AUs and storylines that build relationships. I do smut. I can do PWP. I am a big stickler on characterization and literacy. Obviously some fumbling is to be expected, but I'm ultimately going to need someone who can stand up to my writing or outdo it (you may look at my journal for examples of my writing, though everything is about a year old). I like prose over script writing, but if we get comfortable enough with one another, I'll switch to script. I love someone who has ideas, but as long as you're willing to brainstorm with me, it's not necessary.

Absolutely no OCs. The only pair I really draw the line at is John/the boys. I'm willing to discuss anything else.

Method of play: AIM, email, or google docs are my prefs. Willing to do alternate methods. Please don't ask for LJ threading because then I'll have to purchase accounts.

Anything to add? I tag fairly slowly, depending on what day of the week it is. Please be patient with me!
Tags: !profile, play: bobby singer, play: castiel, play: crowley, play: dean winchester, play: sam winchester, want: bobby singer, want: crowley, want: dean winchester, want: gabriel/trickster, want: sam winchester
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