misha (throneofstars) wrote in spn_rpers,

Name: Misha

LJ: This one.

Timezone: EST, GMT -5

I write: I've been rping as Castiel for an almost ridiculous amount of time, and am generally interested in playing any version of him(end!verse, leviathan!castiel, godstiel, etc.).

I'm looking for: Dean Winchester

Pairings interested in: Destiel

Story ideas: I'm willing to play around with plots from any of the seasons, and I'm completely in love with end!verse. I do enjoy twisting around canon and changing plots for the sake of making something more interesting, such as end!verse Dean and Castiel surviving. I have a major thing for rping fallen!Cas, and just him learning and discovering all these things that he never would've known before. 

And while we're at it, I also have a couple silly things that I've been thinking about for a while now, one of which including an X-Files-esque plot bunny, just because I enjoy supernatural-things and silliness with a dash of mystery. 

I've taken a very large interest in angels over the last few months, and after reading through about a hundred internet pages and the fifteen books at the foot of my bed, I feel like I know more than I should. So if there's any chance for me to show off my knowledge of angels, believe me, I'll take it in a heartbeat. 

I also enjoy writing wings, and have a handful of headcanons/thoughts about them. Wing rps are always nice(actually, they're more than nice). I'm constantly finding some way to mention them in an rp, just a warning.

Feelings about RP:  I'm willing to rp just about anything, and I don't really have any sort of limit. I'm up for any sort of AU or verse, and I'm willing to rp quite a few kinky things. Fluff is cool, smut is cool, angst is cool, everything is good to go with me. I'm completely in love with rping any sort of Cas, so any sort of plot is fine with me.

I've been rping for about six or so years now, and in multiple places. I started out on chatboxes, worked my way to forums, and about a year ago I left all the forums I frequented and began rping on Tumblr. Now I mostly stick to email and IM's(which ever works best for my rp partner). I got into the Supernatural fandom around season five, went back to watch all the other episodes, and I've stuck around ever since. 

Method of play: I prefer rping over Skype or MSN, but email is also something I could do. I'm willing to get any sort of messenger, really. Just ask. 

Anything to add? I'm on at almost all hours of the night, since I hardly ever sleep nowadays, so I don't believe timezone will be any sort of difficulty. I prefer long-term rp partners, and I think it's especially interesting to see how your characterizations grow over the time you rp together. :) 
Tags: !profile, play: castiel, want: dean winchester
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