Hunter King (wincest_whore) wrote in spn_rpers,
Hunter King


Name: Hunter King

LJ: wincest_whore (This one.)

Time Zone: EST…I think. I live in Pennsylvania, so whichever time zone that is. :)

Pairing Interest: Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester (wincest)

Story ideas: Well, I have a list of plots that can be found here, but it’s really outdated, so I’m obviously open to suggestions, though I’ve been itching to RP an almost cannon kind of RP starting with season one episode one and then going from there, adding in our own twists and turns along the way. Having the boys get turned into creatures is also high up on the list as well as anything AU you can possibly think of! I’ve seen every episode aired in the US so far and I always watch the new episodes at 11:00 PM Friday night the night that they air. I prefer to play Sam because I feel I am stronger with his character, but I’m willing to play Dean as well (just please bear with me!). Doubling is…well I wouldn’t say required, but it is appreciated!

Feelings about RP: Nothing is off-limits when it comes to me! You want to dump your weird, kinky fetishes off on me; that’s absolutely fine! Right now I’m kind of on a kick where Dean is evil (shapeshifter!Dean is also a possibility!). With that being said, however, I also love it when Dean comes to the rescue and when he is a hero! Sam will get hurt in all of my RPs. I moderate a community filled with nothing but Sam getting abused; I would say that it is a fetish of mine. I LOVE smut! Nothing is more awesome than smut between the boys. Also, I enjoy darker plots, so I’m not all sunshine and daisies.

Method of Play: I only roleplay over e-mail, sorry! I find that IM is much too fast-paced for me and I don’t like having to break up the replies into several different posts. It’s just easier to go through e-mail, especially with the odd hours I work and the time zone issues we may face.

Anything to add? At the moment, I can’t think of much, unfortunately. I work the night shift and then go straight to school after work three days a week, so I can’t promise fast replies on that front. I can promise that I will reply at least once every day and I am a really nice person; it’s hard to offend me, if that helps you out!

The only thing I am going to be very strict about is one word or one sentence replies. I generally give what I get, so please just give me something to work with! One paragraph is generally what I like though don’t feel compelled to count out your sentences or anything. I’m really not that bad. Basically, if I can work with it, we’re good!

If you want a writing sample or would like to know anything else about me, please feel free to contact me at I hope to hear from you all soon!

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