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Community Info & Rules


Inspired by my past struggles in finding fellow role-players in the Supernatural fandom spn_rpers  was created to fill a small but special void. 

This community is a place specifically geared toward getting role-players in the Supernatural community connected with each other.  Here members will be able to post RP Profiles, ideas for prospective role-plays, and advertise existing relevant role-play communities to the fandom. All preferences including general, heterosexual, homosexual, and incestual pairings will be welcomed. In that regard all members will be expected to respect each other's preferences.  Members interested in playing with real-people-pairings from the Supernatural cast will also be welcomed here.

To help this experience be as streamlined as possible this community is now the home of the Character Tag List system! Members are highly encouraged to utilize this tagging system while posting their RP Profiles; adding tags about the characters they 'play' and the characters they 'want' to play with. As a young community there are a small number of character tags, but as the need arises I'll be more than willing to add characters as needed.


  1. RPers interested in role-playing as characters/actors from the Supernatural fandom are welcomed here!
  2. All relationship preferences (general, straight, gay, incestuous, or other) are allowed so there is a strict NO BASHING policy. If offensive behavior occurs please Contact-The-Mod with your issues and grievances. If a problem occurs there will be one warning issued. After that the offending member will be banned.
  3. After joining the community members are encouraged to post a Role-Player Profile using the following form. Understanding that over time what we want to write in the fandom can change profiles can be changed and reposted using the following form.
  4. Promoting RP journals or communities relevant to the Supernatural fandom is allowed and should be tagged as follows; !promotion
  5. We are accepting affiliates! So if you would like to affiliate with spn_rpers  please comment here!!
  6. If you would like to promote the community feel free to do so. Just let me know at Contact-The-Mod.
  7. Make friends and have fun!!! :D
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