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Profile: Fate [ Seekng SPN Slash RP ]

Name: Fate

LJ: otacon (This one.)

Timezone: Eastern USA

Pairing Interest: Dean Winchester and Castiel (Destiel)

Story ideas: I'd love to write something that takes place at the end of season six and have a small handful of ideas, but would be more than happy to try out an idea that you have or plot that's been itching at your muse. I can play either Dean or Cas at your request, but am probably a bit stronger at Castiel out of the two.

Feelings about RP: Nothing is off-limits plot-wise with me. I generally like an RP based closely off of the original source material; but what it involves into is, of course, completely up for grabs. Supernatural has such a ripe universe to play in that it's easy to write around. I prefer for characters to evolve and for feelings to develop in a realistic way in accordance with the story. The darker the plot, the better! I adore agnst and plots that really push the characters and their feelings toward each other. While I don't mind fluff in the slightest, I do prefer a more serious story. Smut? Of course! I just tend to get disinterested if that is -all- the RP is about. Plot can be sexy too, yanno! As said, dark and off-kilter is fabulous, just keep in mind that I am not into weirder fetishes like vore, watersports, or anything involving excrement.

Method of Play: E-Mail, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, or Y!M ( Just pick your poison! )

Anything to add?  I am a veteran roleplayer of over 13 years now and was writing long before that. Ever since the death of AOL I’ve had no real way of seeking out partners and there aren’t even words to describe how much I miss it. Since watching Supernatural I've finally felt inspired again for the first time in a long while and really am dying to write with someone.

While I'd adore just finding casual play in general, I’d be even willing to transcribe and produce the logs into fics, if you are interested in that. I can do first or third person and am quite flexible in character selections and plot.I have no post length restrictions and generally match who I'm playing. I do have a tendancy to get a bit lengthy but really don't mind adapting to whatever style you're comfortable with. Just hit me up and let’s exchange ideas! At the very least, I promise you that I’m a decent writer and won’t have you rolling your eyes at your keyboard, regretting responding to this ad.

There's nothing that you could possibly do to offend me and I am probably one of the most accepting, non-judgmental people you're ever going to meet and I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to find someone to write with.

If you are interested or need a writing sample, just contact me here or e-mail me at lost.in.facades@gmail.com. I am only currently using MSN, but am willing to get on any messaging program that you want to use. I do not have my AIM or Google signed in most the time but will gladly get on if you e-mail me first.

Tags: play: castiel, play: dean winchester, want: castiel, want: dean winchester
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