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Supernatural Role-Players Connect
profile: Fabulicious 
28th-May-2011 03:01 am
Name: A or Macha

LJ:  This one.

AIM: HeartsSolace

Timezone: EST, but I work odd hours, so you never know! 

I Write: Well, I've had some experience with Jo, played Ruby a tiny bit, and had a couple scenes as a Lisa. I also would like to try an Anna, and some OC's to see if they'd work in the fandom.

I'm looking for: Dean, Sam, Cas, and Bobby. I wouldn't mind having a scene or two that tangles with Alistair or Crowley with certain characters.

Story Ideas: I have some thoughts, but I'd rather develop them with a partner, than say "THIS. THIS is what we'll RP." 

My feelings about RP: I've been doing it a long time, though my experience with SPN RP is pretty limited due to lack of partners. It's my longest lasting hobby.
Method of play: I prefer AIM/MSN (I live on AIM), though I will do email.
Anything to add: No anchovies.
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