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Name:  Alex
LJ: postgabriel 
Timezone: Mountain during Daylight Savings, Central during Standard time. I'm a shift worker, though, and keep strange hours sometimes.

I write: Gabriel is my main, I also write Chuck, Castiel and 2014!Castiel. Plus genderbents. I've never really RPed Dean and Sam, but I've written them in fic. I don't know why there's a difference for me there. (I also RP Rob Benedict if you really want.)

I'm looking for:
Sam Winchester, first and foremost. I wouldn't mind Dean, Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, Balthazar or heck, a Crowley.

Pairings interested in: I'm fairly open to pairings, but I favour - Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, Sam/Chuck, Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer, Gabriel/Lucifer, Castiel/Balthazar, and whatever else you can coerce me into. 8D

Story ideas: There's nothing I'm particularly burning to rp out at the moment, but I'm good for churning out plots. I also have a heavy infatuation with AUs. Feel free to ask about my previous RP if you like. 

Feelings about RP: Woo, man. I've been going strong for about ten years now. I love canon plots as much as the next person, but to be honest, AU/AR  is where my heart truly lies. There's nothing that pleases me more than taking the cast, putting them in a different setting, and still having them be everything that they are at the core of them. I also favour written narrative writing over script styles, and plot over PWP, though I do love some sexyfuntimes for my lads. I'm open to all genres, for the most part, plots and kinks, for the most part. I do my best. 

Method of play: Email, GTalk or AIM preferred, LJ threads also acceptable.

Anything to add? I'm a little uncomfortable with OCs unless they're linked into Supernatural canonically. I really am sorry, but the show and its cast are what really draws my attentions. I've also listed my preferred styles/pairings and so forth, but I'm really flexible, I promise. :)

Contact me at this entry or through PM!
Tags: !profile, play: castiel, play: chuck, play: gabriel/trickster, want: balthazar, want: castiel, want: crowley, want: dean winchester, want: lucifer, want: michael, want: sam winchester
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