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Supernatural Role-Players Connect
profile: postgabriel 
11th-May-2011 01:23 am
Name:  Alex
LJ: postgabriel 
Timezone: Mountain during Daylight Savings, Central during Standard time. I'm a shift worker, though, and keep strange hours sometimes.

I write: Gabriel is my main, I also write Chuck, Castiel and 2014!Castiel. Plus genderbents. I've never really RPed Dean and Sam, but I've written them in fic. I don't know why there's a difference for me there. (I also RP Rob Benedict if you really want.)

I'm looking for:
Sam Winchester, first and foremost. I wouldn't mind Dean, Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, Balthazar or heck, a Crowley.

Pairings interested in: I'm fairly open to pairings, but I favour - Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, Sam/Chuck, Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer, Gabriel/Lucifer, Castiel/Balthazar, and whatever else you can coerce me into. 8D

Story ideas: There's nothing I'm particularly burning to rp out at the moment, but I'm good for churning out plots. I also have a heavy infatuation with AUs. Feel free to ask about my previous RP if you like. 

Feelings about RP: Woo, man. I've been going strong for about ten years now. I love canon plots as much as the next person, but to be honest, AU/AR  is where my heart truly lies. There's nothing that pleases me more than taking the cast, putting them in a different setting, and still having them be everything that they are at the core of them. I also favour written narrative writing over script styles, and plot over PWP, though I do love some sexyfuntimes for my lads. I'm open to all genres, for the most part, plots and kinks, for the most part. I do my best. 

Method of play: Email, GTalk or AIM preferred, LJ threads also acceptable.

Anything to add? I'm a little uncomfortable with OCs unless they're linked into Supernatural canonically. I really am sorry, but the show and its cast are what really draws my attentions. I've also listed my preferred styles/pairings and so forth, but I'm really flexible, I promise. :)

Contact me at this entry or through PM!
grinny grin
12th-May-2011 06:23 pm (UTC)
I do play Sam if you're interested, I could play him against your Cas or Dean; whatever is cool. Hit me up on AIM at runswithmonsters if ya want.
12th-May-2011 10:11 pm (UTC)
Hi :) I play sam, i've never done an RP with Gabriel in it, and i'm slightly behind on the show, but i know the plots and such so if you're interested add me at either aaplin93@yahoo.com (for AIM) or poke me with your add info and i can add you :)
13th-May-2011 05:50 am (UTC)
Hey there! I don't get aim on my phone, but if you'd like to add my gmail onto your AIM, I believe it works that way! I'm lex.pie(at)gmail.com

If that doesn't work for you, then I'll catch you on Aim when I'm done night shift. Or, you can email me at that same address. :3
13th-May-2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
alright :) well since its friday i'm on a while, so i'll be on AIM
7th-Jun-2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
Hey, where've ya been? haven't seen you on AIM. Hope i'm not bothering you, i just wondered :3
6th-Nov-2011 12:02 pm (UTC)
Hey if you're still looking for a Lucifer, I'm interested. I would prefer to RP over LJ being as I just made a Lucifer account haha. I have RP'd before for about three years now.
2nd-Jun-2012 03:05 am (UTC)
I am interested! Hit me up maybe?
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