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Name:  Lunaka
Timezone: GMT

I write: (Characters you RP) OCs. Female, to be more precise. I can give you a run-down of each of them if you ask. ^_^
I'm looking for: (Character you want to RP with) My OCs were 'made' for Dean Winchester, Castiel and Gabriel. But if you play a character and would maybe like an OC for, ask ^^
Pairings interested in: Dean/OC, Cas/OC and Gabriel/OC

Story ideas: Well, at the moment I have two ideas but there's no real flesh on them yet. The first is set in the future!universe and is to do with how Castiel became the way he became. The second is set in the universe Zac created when he zapped Dean into a usual working guy. All my OCs could be transposed into that world easily.

Feelings about RP: (Experience, likes, dislikes) I have been RPing for around about five years, and until last month my experience was purely within the Naruto fandom, where I played Rock Lee. I've been writing for years though and have done a professional writing course. I'm pretty meticulous about spelling and grammar and tend to play in paragraphs. I love being able to bounce ideas off of other people which is why I like playing with people.

Method of play: (AIM/MSN/YIM, Lj, Email) Lunaka Lotus, no MSN or YIM, lady_dementor@yahoo.co.uk

Anything to add?
Please feel free to add my AIM or email me straight away.
Tags: play: oc, want: castiel, want: dean winchester, want: gabriel/trickster
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