October 2nd, 2018

destiel. sabriel. something else ending with -el

Hello! Call me Saya. I'm 19, have about five or six years RP experience, write in third-person paragraph form, usually on Gmail but I can be easily persuaded for elsewhere, and I enjoy surrealism and slasher flicks. Pizza and soda is good for a first date.

I got roped into this fandom because I wanted to write the Nerdy Trenchcoat Angel, and now I feel about ready to write the Nerdy Trenchcoat Angel. So if you actually play Dean and need a nerdy trenchcoat boy? Hi how do you do. :] I can probably flip him into Jimmy if you want. That is definitely an option.
Along the way I realized that I am actually Sam Winchester, so he's my side B. Both of their dialogues I can write easy as breathing.
(Bonus side C: Gabriel. Maybe. I'm like, 89% down. The other 11% is mere uncertainty.)

>Gabriel/Tricky Boy??
>Anyone you want me to double tbh

Now that that's settled: I actually only hard-ship Destiel and Sabriel 'cause I'm picky, but I can be coaxed into something else on the side. Even if I'm selective, I'm flexible. (Except Wincest no thank you)
I prefer AUs, either urban or fantasy or a switcharound of canon roles (like, idk Cas as a hunter or something). I like that omegaverse and fin-kin stuff (actually I am in love with the fin-kin stuff and currently drooling over it so keep that in mind). Anything else, we can totally discuss.
I don't really care about smut, shockingly. I'd prefer it happen, but that it's not the main focus of the RP. Sloooow burn please.

>Gabriel/Tricky Boy
>Give me ideas please

It's kind of weird that my plays and wants are basically the same but eh, whatever.

If you want some hot supernatural roleplays with a cool person, please email at radiantlunate@gmail.com. We can OOC in Discord or something if you want after, or wherever you're comfortable with. Like I said: v flexible. :]
(please don't let this com be dead omg)