May 5th, 2011

Nerdy is Sexy

Profile: Ashes4Twenty

Name:  Sammy
LJ: [info]ashes4twenty   
Timezone: CST

I write:  Mainly Sam Winchester, but I can play Dean Winchester, Jimmy Novak, Castiel, Balthazar and pretty much anyone in the show if need be...

I'm looking for:  Dean Winchester <3 , Castiel, Jimmy Novak, & Balthazar

Pairings interested in:  Sam/Dean <3, Sam/Balthazar, Castiel/Balthazar, Jimmy Novak/Castiel... (Never done this last one but I sooo want to >.>)

Story ideas:  I don't have any off the top of my head, but I'm good at winging it. Give me an inch and I can plot for miles. Defintely eager to meet more of my fellow RPers in the fandom.

Feelings about RPing: I'm current with the series (have watched every episode aired). I've got a few years under my belt in this fandom. I mainly write Wincest. I do NOT write Dean/Cas. I don't like writing non-con (rape/sexual abuse) , excessive torture, or mpreg. Anything else goes, but if you have a question do please ask. I also like having a plot, though it doesn't always have to be complicated. I might not be able to churn out 20 posts a day because life gets busy, but I can do at least 1 post a day.

Method of play:
I use AIM but I prefer rping through email because that's what I normally check though I'm open to other options.

Anything to add?  If you're interested just comment. Thanks for reading :)

(no subject)

Name:  Alexx Aplin
LJ: aaplin_94
Timezone: CST ( central standard time)

I write: 
Sam winchester
I'm looking for:  Dean winchester

Pairings interested in: Sam / Dean

Story ideas: I am open to a lot of plot ideas from all over the series, i haven't seen seasons five or six (i missed episodes in five so i don't count it) but most of them are AU (aka where its the same universe as the show but the timeline is changed, or things of that nature) I'd like to see what my partner wants before hand, but i have a few ideas.

Feelings about RP:  Sam / Dean romance is a must, with the hot smut to go with it, i like plot with my smut though, so no PWP (though as long as there's plot somewhere i don't really care how MUCH sex is in it, i do like a lot though) but if that's what you want just ask. :) 
I am on all the time so i'd prefer if you let me know if you aren't going to be around for a while, don't just say "lets RP" then abandon me for two weeks or stop talking to me at all, have the decency to tell me if you don't like the rp. I cannot tolerate speak like (dean ran 2 sam "dude u ok?" ) please be literate, if i have to use a decoder ring to figure out what the hell you're saying it's not gonna work out.

Method of play: 
Aim -   
yahoo -
msn -
(IM RP only please)

Anything to add?

I really enjoy RP, i'm not as strict as i make myself out to be, i promise. I really love getting to know my RPers and i really enjoy Supernatural too, its a lot of fun to roleplay, please add me or comment here if you're interested. :)