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Supernatural Role-Players Connect
Already know what characters you want to interact with? Want to find a Dean or a Sam or a Cas?

Then check out the Character Tag List! Each member is asked to tag their profiles with the characters they 'play' and the characters they 'want' to write with. So if you play a great Sam then click on the 'Want: Sam Winchester' tag and to find all the RPers who are looking for a writing partner just like you.

Don't see the characters you play or are looking for?

Then drop a comment at the Character Tag List Bank and a tag will be added for you shortly.

Hello! Call me Saya. I'm 19, have about five or six years RP experience, write in third-person paragraph form, usually on Gmail but I can be easily persuaded for elsewhere, and I enjoy surrealism and slasher flicks. Pizza and soda is good for a first date.

I got roped into this fandom because I wanted to write the Nerdy Trenchcoat Angel, and now I feel about ready to write the Nerdy Trenchcoat Angel. So if you actually play Dean and need a nerdy trenchcoat boy? Hi how do you do. :] I can probably flip him into Jimmy if you want. That is definitely an option.
Along the way I realized that I am actually Sam Winchester, so he's my side B. Both of their dialogues I can write easy as breathing.
(Bonus side C: Gabriel. Maybe. I'm like, 89% down. The other 11% is mere uncertainty.)

>Gabriel/Tricky Boy??
>Anyone you want me to double tbh

Now that that's settled: I actually only hard-ship Destiel and Sabriel 'cause I'm picky, but I can be coaxed into something else on the side. Even if I'm selective, I'm flexible. (Except Wincest no thank you)
I prefer AUs, either urban or fantasy or a switcharound of canon roles (like, idk Cas as a hunter or something). I like that omegaverse and fin-kin stuff (actually I am in love with the fin-kin stuff and currently drooling over it so keep that in mind). Anything else, we can totally discuss.
I don't really care about smut, shockingly. I'd prefer it happen, but that it's not the main focus of the RP. Sloooow burn please.

>Gabriel/Tricky Boy
>Give me ideas please

It's kind of weird that my plays and wants are basically the same but eh, whatever.

If you want some hot supernatural roleplays with a cool person, please email at radiantlunate@gmail.com. We can OOC in Discord or something if you want after, or wherever you're comfortable with. Like I said: v flexible. :]
(please don't let this com be dead omg)

Hey, name’s Ash. I’m 23 yo. Still live with my parents due to a disability... I have a WiFi curfew of 11 pm EST to 6 am EST, put In place only because I have insomnia.

Paragraph or script:
Paragraph, third person POV, past tense: but I mix present and past together a lot.

Pairings: Sabriel, Destiel

Charcters I want to play: Cas (maybe Sam, if the rp calls for it)
Characters you play: Dean (and Gabe)

Djinn Dream
Cannon Divergent
(There May be more/ we can combine too, feel free to ask.)

Male Lactation (for Mpreg only)

No gos:
Extreme animal or child abuse


7th-Dec-2014 11:48 am - Looking for a Dean or Castiel
Name: Em
LJ: badbastion, though I can make a new one if we RP on LJ.
Timezone: US Central

I write: Sam
I'm looking for (from the fandom): Dean or Castiel
Pairings interested in: Wincest, Weecest, Sastiel.

Method of play: GoogleDocs, email, Gchat, RP threads on LJ or DW

tl;dr about RPing preferences, likes and dislikesCollapse )
Name: Georgie
LJ: This one.
Timezone: NZDT (But I'm on a lot)

I write: Dean, Sammy and Castiel, but my main is preferably Dean. (Also play 11th Doctor if anyone is interested in a crossover)

I'm looking for (from the fandom):

  • Sammy

  • Castiel.

  • Lucifer

  • Gabe/Trickster

I'm looking for (outside the fandom):

  • The Doctor

  • Will Turner (Flying Dutchman Captain from Pirates of the Caribbean)

  • Damon (Vampire Diaries)

  • Marvel Characters (Male only)

  • Xmen Charactes

  • Any male characters, even OC.

Pairings interested in:

  • Destiel

  • Wincest

  • Any slash pairing.

Story ideas:

  • Well with pirates of the Caribbean, I'm thinking Dean and Sammy die at sea (I can play both) and become crew on the ship.

  • Sam/Dean, you know the deal, the boys hunt things. Fix each other up, look out for each other. And who knows ;) I can deal with any kind of Sammy where it comes to this. You want Demonblood!Sammy, you can play Demonblood!Sammy. Hell you can even play Lucifer Sammy or Soulless!Sammy if you like. I'm good with anything. Even college Sam.

  • Destiel, well god, it's one of my favorite pairings when the player is around. I haven't had much success with Castiel's yet, but I'm really hoping to find one soon. I have a thing for all the good Castiel!kinks, we can talk about that later.

  • As for the others lets talk.

Feelings about RP: Well here the thing. I've been roleplaying for about 12 years now. I don't do anything but Slash really, though if you're offering me up someone strong like idk for example Ellen Ripley from aliens or Sarah Connor from Terminator, then maybe I'd talk about it. But other than that, sorry. I am over 18 so I do like to smut a bit, but please, I like plot with my smut and a lot of it. I write in third person and trust me, I'm good with typos and with people being on phones and anything, as long as you're willing to let me know if you're going to keep me waiting. I can throw out up to 200 posts a day if we've got something good and trust me these aren't one liners. I write everything from a one liner (for times when I need a reply or a reaction) up to 3000 words for a nice length, descriptive starter. I don't /expect/ anything form you, other than GOOD COMMUNICATION. This is a partnership and it wont work any other way.

Method of play:

  • AIM

  • Google Docs/Drive

  • Maybe LJ threading. (This may be unlikely as people who do this seem to ditch the most)

Anything to add?: Yeah, if you have any intention of dropping out, that's cool with me okay, we all have different tastes and different lifestyles and personalities, but don't just leave me hanging, let me know. I'll be cool. Also, if you wish to rp with me and want my aim etc, INBOX ME, it's the best way.

Dean Bowtied
14th-Sep-2012 06:07 am - Dean looking for Sam or Jo
Name: M.
LJ: N/A.
Timezone: U.S Eastern.

I write: Dean Winchester.
I'm looking for: Sam Winchester or Jo Harvelle.
Pairings interested in: I am strongly interested in Sam/Dean more than anything, it's my OTP of OTPS and I'd love someone to share the love of this pairing with. or Dean/Jo, I love that pairing as well and would love to explore the possibilities between them.

Story ideas: I've got some ideas rolling around in my head, such as what about the other generations Azazel was talking about or what could have happened after season 5 besides what actually happened. We could always shoot the shit and come up with our own plot, I'm always game for that.
Feelings about RP: I'm not exactly smut driven, of course for Wincest smut would be a must but that shouldn't be all a game is about.
Method of play: I prefer writing in a community on LJ or through pms, or generally somewhere it's already logged for us so we don't have to worry about keeping logs on our computers. I'm never good at remembering where I put things.

Anything to add? Nope. I think I've pretty much covered it. I know this community is small, but I hope someone is interested. This place really should have more people in it. I mean hell all those HP communities have people.
| wonderboy smile
1st-Jun-2012 06:52 pm - Community Gravedigging. For Slash.
Name: Sentinel
LJ: sentinelwulf
Timezone: Atlantic

I write: Castiel, Jimmy, and some OCs
I'm looking for: Dean, Sam, or Crowley. Other characters can be fun too.
Pairings interested in:Destiel. It's kind of a given. :p I'm up for Cas/Almost Anybody though.

Story ideas:Obligatory Cas and Dean awkward romance goes here.

Human!Cas trying to help out on hunts, or just function properly.

Castiel sexual discovery or manipulation/blackmail is fun.

Godstiel being a rampaging jerkface holds many possibilities.

Also like the idea of AUs with Master/Slave scenarios because I'm a perv.

Feelings about RP: I'm a very experienced RPer, however I am totally new to Supernatural RP. I only just got the notion to try it recently.

I like players who I can chat at outside of RP, and who are patient when waiting for a reply. xD Open mind and good grammar makes you awesome.

I dislike having requirements for posting, ie. "it has to be this long". Sometimes my posts are big, sometimes they're small. It varies.

I mostly tend to do smutty stuffs, but I also love horror stories. I also rock wing!kink at every possible opportunity.

Method of play: AIM = TheSentinelWolf

MSN = SentinelWolf@hotmail.ca

Anything to add? I'm extremely quiet by nature, so you may have to jab me with sharp objects. If you message me and I don't respond, then I am not at the computron. My status lies all the time.

I am plenty friendly and open, so hit me up for RP or just general fandom squeeing, or whatever it is you wish to do.
Would love to find some one open to Rping Sam with a Female OC of mine profile here I'm looking to do a Action/Drama/plot/romance and Mature based RP. I mainly Rp on AIM Kivaknight 
7th-Oct-2011 08:13 am(no subject)
Timezone: GMT -5

I write: Sam, Dean, Crowley, Castiel as the mains. I consider myself pretty versatile, so I'm willing to pick up anyone else needed for the plot.

I'm looking for: Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, Sam, Dean

Pairings interested in: At the moment, I'm craving a Gabriel to my Sam. I like rare pairs, so Crowley/Dean, Crowley/Cas, Crowley/Gabe(?). Willing to do Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas, and Wincest if tempting plot/excellent partner. If it's not on here, you're still free to ask. As long as it's a male/male pair, I'm generally pretty comfortable about it.

Story ideas: Likely to be something AU-ish, either an alternate storyline (what if this happened, what if this didn't happen) or something totally different. I kind of like to get with my partners about what they like and we'll go from there.

Feelings about RP: I have the most experience with playing Crowley, perhaps surprisingly. I like creative AUs and storylines that build relationships. I do smut. I can do PWP. I am a big stickler on characterization and literacy. Obviously some fumbling is to be expected, but I'm ultimately going to need someone who can stand up to my writing or outdo it (you may look at my journal for examples of my writing, though everything is about a year old). I like prose over script writing, but if we get comfortable enough with one another, I'll switch to script. I love someone who has ideas, but as long as you're willing to brainstorm with me, it's not necessary.

Absolutely no OCs. The only pair I really draw the line at is John/the boys. I'm willing to discuss anything else.

Method of play: AIM, email, or google docs are my prefs. Willing to do alternate methods. Please don't ask for LJ threading because then I'll have to purchase accounts.

Anything to add? I tag fairly slowly, depending on what day of the week it is. Please be patient with me!
Crowley says Hm.
24th-Sep-2011 02:44 pm(no subject)
Name: Misha

LJ: This one.

Timezone: EST, GMT -5

I write: I've been rping as Castiel for an almost ridiculous amount of time, and am generally interested in playing any version of him(end!verse, leviathan!castiel, godstiel, etc.).

I'm looking for: Dean Winchester

Pairings interested in: Destiel

Story ideas: I'm willing to play around with plots from any of the seasons, and I'm completely in love with end!verse. I do enjoy twisting around canon and changing plots for the sake of making something more interesting, such as end!verse Dean and Castiel surviving. I have a major thing for rping fallen!Cas, and just him learning and discovering all these things that he never would've known before. 

And while we're at it, I also have a couple silly things that I've been thinking about for a while now, one of which including an X-Files-esque plot bunny, just because I enjoy supernatural-things and silliness with a dash of mystery. 

I've taken a very large interest in angels over the last few months, and after reading through about a hundred internet pages and the fifteen books at the foot of my bed, I feel like I know more than I should. So if there's any chance for me to show off my knowledge of angels, believe me, I'll take it in a heartbeat. 

I also enjoy writing wings, and have a handful of headcanons/thoughts about them. Wing rps are always nice(actually, they're more than nice). I'm constantly finding some way to mention them in an rp, just a warning.

Feelings about RP:  I'm willing to rp just about anything, and I don't really have any sort of limit. I'm up for any sort of AU or verse, and I'm willing to rp quite a few kinky things. Fluff is cool, smut is cool, angst is cool, everything is good to go with me. I'm completely in love with rping any sort of Cas, so any sort of plot is fine with me.

I've been rping for about six or so years now, and in multiple places. I started out on chatboxes, worked my way to forums, and about a year ago I left all the forums I frequented and began rping on Tumblr. Now I mostly stick to email and IM's(which ever works best for my rp partner). I got into the Supernatural fandom around season five, went back to watch all the other episodes, and I've stuck around ever since. 

Method of play: I prefer rping over Skype or MSN, but email is also something I could do. I'm willing to get any sort of messenger, really. Just ask. 

Anything to add? I'm on at almost all hours of the night, since I hardly ever sleep nowadays, so I don't believe timezone will be any sort of difficulty. I prefer long-term rp partners, and I think it's especially interesting to see how your characterizations grow over the time you rp together. :) 
Name: Hunter King

LJ: wincest_whore (This one.)

Time Zone: EST…I think. I live in Pennsylvania, so whichever time zone that is. :)

Pairing Interest: Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester (wincest)

Story ideas: Well, I have a list of plots that can be found here, but it’s really outdated, so I’m obviously open to suggestions, though I’ve been itching to RP an almost cannon kind of RP starting with season one episode one and then going from there, adding in our own twists and turns along the way. Having the boys get turned into creatures is also high up on the list as well as anything AU you can possibly think of! I’ve seen every episode aired in the US so far and I always watch the new episodes at 11:00 PM Friday night the night that they air. I prefer to play Sam because I feel I am stronger with his character, but I’m willing to play Dean as well (just please bear with me!). Doubling is…well I wouldn’t say required, but it is appreciated!

Feelings about RP: Nothing is off-limits when it comes to me! You want to dump your weird, kinky fetishes off on me; that’s absolutely fine! Right now I’m kind of on a kick where Dean is evil (shapeshifter!Dean is also a possibility!). With that being said, however, I also love it when Dean comes to the rescue and when he is a hero! Sam will get hurt in all of my RPs. I moderate a community filled with nothing but Sam getting abused; I would say that it is a fetish of mine. I LOVE smut! Nothing is more awesome than smut between the boys. Also, I enjoy darker plots, so I’m not all sunshine and daisies.

Method of Play: I only roleplay over e-mail, sorry! I find that IM is much too fast-paced for me and I don’t like having to break up the replies into several different posts. It’s just easier to go through e-mail, especially with the odd hours I work and the time zone issues we may face.

Anything to add? At the moment, I can’t think of much, unfortunately. I work the night shift and then go straight to school after work three days a week, so I can’t promise fast replies on that front. I can promise that I will reply at least once every day and I am a really nice person; it’s hard to offend me, if that helps you out!

The only thing I am going to be very strict about is one word or one sentence replies. I generally give what I get, so please just give me something to work with! One paragraph is generally what I like though don’t feel compelled to count out your sentences or anything. I’m really not that bad. Basically, if I can work with it, we’re good!

If you want a writing sample or would like to know anything else about me, please feel free to contact me at wincest_whore@live.com. I hope to hear from you all soon!

abused Sammy
30th-Aug-2011 12:58 am - Go ahead - tab me
LJ: This one, I don't use it to role-play though.

msn/aim/yim: All three - you can ask for them.

Timezone: CET / GMT +2

What I write: Almost anything, I am not a very avid action-writer, so DO bear with me if I'm not 'top-notch' However, I like adding oc's into the mix, I never receive complaints about them - but I am open to criticism where it's due.

Feelings about RP: Wont lie, I love it. I love hashing ideas out with my partner. I am pretty friendly, so I accept almost anything. I am always willing to discuss ideas and help you mold them - if you want! I am open to most pairings, I don't do slash for personal reason though I'm sorry.
I like having good plotlines, something that can keep me interested, and I do smut as well. However I don't want this to be the main part of the plot it starts to get repetitive and I'm like: 'No.' I like dark plots, fluffy plots, I like a mixture of the two. I like almost everything so don't be afraid to ask :)

Method of Play: Double and on IM. Email is only used for special circumstances.

Anything to Add?: Not really. I like long-term partners who throw in their input so that the role-play becomes there's too/ I've had many passive partners - and honestly? Kinda tired of it. So yes. I like casual long-term roleplays that DO end up going somewhere and I hope you wont roll your eyes at this post - I do aim to please. Hit me up <3 I also play almost anyone so yeah. I will also be happy to play a canon for your oc too.
Name: Fate

LJ: otacon (This one.)

Timezone: Eastern USA

Pairing Interest: Dean Winchester and Castiel (Destiel)

Story ideas: I'd love to write something that takes place at the end of season six and have a small handful of ideas, but would be more than happy to try out an idea that you have or plot that's been itching at your muse. I can play either Dean or Cas at your request, but am probably a bit stronger at Castiel out of the two.

Feelings about RP: Nothing is off-limits plot-wise with me. I generally like an RP based closely off of the original source material; but what it involves into is, of course, completely up for grabs. Supernatural has such a ripe universe to play in that it's easy to write around. I prefer for characters to evolve and for feelings to develop in a realistic way in accordance with the story. The darker the plot, the better! I adore agnst and plots that really push the characters and their feelings toward each other. While I don't mind fluff in the slightest, I do prefer a more serious story. Smut? Of course! I just tend to get disinterested if that is -all- the RP is about. Plot can be sexy too, yanno! As said, dark and off-kilter is fabulous, just keep in mind that I am not into weirder fetishes like vore, watersports, or anything involving excrement.

Method of Play: E-Mail, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, or Y!M ( Just pick your poison! )

Anything to add?  I am a veteran roleplayer of over 13 years now and was writing long before that. Ever since the death of AOL I’ve had no real way of seeking out partners and there aren’t even words to describe how much I miss it. Since watching Supernatural I've finally felt inspired again for the first time in a long while and really am dying to write with someone.

While I'd adore just finding casual play in general, I’d be even willing to transcribe and produce the logs into fics, if you are interested in that. I can do first or third person and am quite flexible in character selections and plot.I have no post length restrictions and generally match who I'm playing. I do have a tendancy to get a bit lengthy but really don't mind adapting to whatever style you're comfortable with. Just hit me up and let’s exchange ideas! At the very least, I promise you that I’m a decent writer and won’t have you rolling your eyes at your keyboard, regretting responding to this ad.

There's nothing that you could possibly do to offend me and I am probably one of the most accepting, non-judgmental people you're ever going to meet and I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to find someone to write with.

If you are interested or need a writing sample, just contact me here or e-mail me at lost.in.facades@gmail.com. I am only currently using MSN, but am willing to get on any messaging program that you want to use. I do not have my AIM or Google signed in most the time but will gladly get on if you e-mail me first.

28th-May-2011 03:01 am - profile: Fabulicious
Name: A or Macha

LJ:  This one.

AIM: HeartsSolace

Timezone: EST, but I work odd hours, so you never know! 

I Write: Well, I've had some experience with Jo, played Ruby a tiny bit, and had a couple scenes as a Lisa. I also would like to try an Anna, and some OC's to see if they'd work in the fandom.

I'm looking for: Dean, Sam, Cas, and Bobby. I wouldn't mind having a scene or two that tangles with Alistair or Crowley with certain characters.

Story Ideas: I have some thoughts, but I'd rather develop them with a partner, than say "THIS. THIS is what we'll RP." 

My feelings about RP: I've been doing it a long time, though my experience with SPN RP is pretty limited due to lack of partners. It's my longest lasting hobby.
Method of play: I prefer AIM/MSN (I live on AIM), though I will do email.
Anything to add: No anchovies.
15th-May-2011 04:39 pm - Heyo peoples
Name: Trev

LJ: soulless_sammy, hell_bound_dean, devil_in_you, featheandwings

Timezone: EST

I write: Preferably Sam Winchester (any era from soulless to demon blood to regular old Sam), but have been known to do quite a bit of Dean and Cas too.

I'm looking for:
Dean, Sam, Castiel, Lucifer, Gabriel, really...pretty much open for almost anyone.

Pairings interested in: While open for non-pairing story lines can't usually resist a good wincest, Dean/Cas, Cas/Balthazar, maybe Luficer/Sam or anything else that sounds challenging. Not typically into het just due to bad experiences, you'd have to convince me.

Story ideas: A few off the top of my head, but really more than willing to plot:

Dean - Cas
Men cannot become Angels.Collapse )

Sam - Dean or Cas - Dean depending.
The demon in you.Collapse )

Feelings about RP:
I RP to develop and flesh out characters and stay in canon over all else. I'd very much like it if my partner was the same. I also tend to write a lot when inspired and when I'm given a lot to work with, I give a lot back. As for pairings I only typically do slash or friendship/other types of relationships. Just frankly never been a fan of het. I also am not too fond of the pairing itself to be the full focus of the RP. In general, give me meat, something heavy and deep to work with and I am happy.

Method of play: I RP typically threading or on comms, quite a bit of SWS, but am also open to suggestions.

Anything to add?: I'm always open for any plots, muses, or crazy ideas. I also want to point out any of the plots or RPing can be simply be friendship or brotherness am totally cool with that. If you need samples I'm more than willing to provide though haven't gotten much meaty good sized samples for Sam here just yet.
11th-May-2011 01:23 am - profile: postgabriel
Name:  Alex
LJ: postgabriel 
Timezone: Mountain during Daylight Savings, Central during Standard time. I'm a shift worker, though, and keep strange hours sometimes.

I write: Gabriel is my main, I also write Chuck, Castiel and 2014!Castiel. Plus genderbents. I've never really RPed Dean and Sam, but I've written them in fic. I don't know why there's a difference for me there. (I also RP Rob Benedict if you really want.)

I'm looking for:
Sam Winchester, first and foremost. I wouldn't mind Dean, Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, Balthazar or heck, a Crowley.

Pairings interested in: I'm fairly open to pairings, but I favour - Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, Sam/Chuck, Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer, Gabriel/Lucifer, Castiel/Balthazar, and whatever else you can coerce me into. 8D

Story ideas: There's nothing I'm particularly burning to rp out at the moment, but I'm good for churning out plots. I also have a heavy infatuation with AUs. Feel free to ask about my previous RP if you like. 

Feelings about RP: Woo, man. I've been going strong for about ten years now. I love canon plots as much as the next person, but to be honest, AU/AR  is where my heart truly lies. There's nothing that pleases me more than taking the cast, putting them in a different setting, and still having them be everything that they are at the core of them. I also favour written narrative writing over script styles, and plot over PWP, though I do love some sexyfuntimes for my lads. I'm open to all genres, for the most part, plots and kinks, for the most part. I do my best. 

Method of play: Email, GTalk or AIM preferred, LJ threads also acceptable.

Anything to add? I'm a little uncomfortable with OCs unless they're linked into Supernatural canonically. I really am sorry, but the show and its cast are what really draws my attentions. I've also listed my preferred styles/pairings and so forth, but I'm really flexible, I promise. :)

Contact me at this entry or through PM!
grinny grin
7th-May-2011 10:18 pm - Profile:Lunaka
Name:  Lunaka
Timezone: GMT

I write: (Characters you RP) OCs. Female, to be more precise. I can give you a run-down of each of them if you ask. ^_^
I'm looking for: (Character you want to RP with) My OCs were 'made' for Dean Winchester, Castiel and Gabriel. But if you play a character and would maybe like an OC for, ask ^^
Pairings interested in: Dean/OC, Cas/OC and Gabriel/OC

Story ideas: Well, at the moment I have two ideas but there's no real flesh on them yet. The first is set in the future!universe and is to do with how Castiel became the way he became. The second is set in the universe Zac created when he zapped Dean into a usual working guy. All my OCs could be transposed into that world easily.

Feelings about RP: (Experience, likes, dislikes) I have been RPing for around about five years, and until last month my experience was purely within the Naruto fandom, where I played Rock Lee. I've been writing for years though and have done a professional writing course. I'm pretty meticulous about spelling and grammar and tend to play in paragraphs. I love being able to bounce ideas off of other people which is why I like playing with people.

Method of play: (AIM/MSN/YIM, Lj, Email) Lunaka Lotus, no MSN or YIM, lady_dementor@yahoo.co.uk

Anything to add?
Please feel free to add my AIM or email me straight away.
Come and See Inside Me
6th-May-2011 11:45 am - profile:Caz2y5
Name: Caz
LJ: caz2y5 
Timezone: EST

I write: Dean WInchester. But I've been rping for over 25 years and i can play just about anyone (my Cas needs work though)
I'm looking for:  I'm a Destiel girl but I would be happy to try other pairings etc just not Dean/gordon. (its my only squick)
Pairings interested in: Dean/cas, Dean/Sam, Dean/Alistair, Dean/Jimmy, Dean/Jo, Dean/Lisa (yeah i'm really not fussy as long as its fun.)

Story ideas: Nothing that i want to give away here but I'm open to pretty much anything. AU space pirates with mpreg and cross dressing as a  rock opera. yeah i went there.

Feelings about RP: 25 years of experience. (I've been playing dungeon's and dragon's since i was a whipper snapper and being doing theater my whole life. Ive been rping supernatural for 6 years now. on forums and via email, AIM etc. I'm current with the show (seen all the eps) the anime, the comics and most of the books. (what can i say i love the show!)

like i said i don't have much in the way of squick Except Dean/Gordon and Papa/mommacest. I'm happy to do John/Mary just not John/boys or Mary/ boys. I'm open to try anything. Noncon, mpreg, etc. I'm fine with PWP or with a plot. The only thing i really hate is the one word reply. I like using rp to improve my verbosity and my writing skill. if you reply with "Sam moans." I'm going to forget your email address.

Method of play: I have msn, gtalk, and email. Email might work better if our timezones clash.

Anything to add?

I'm not as weird as i sound. (well okay maybe just a little weird.) but I'm pretty easy going and happy to meet new people who share a common love of SPN.
glee grandma
6th-May-2011 01:04 am - Profile: darkwolf5
Name:  Dean
LJ: darkwolf5 
Timezone: GMT 

I write: Dean Winchester, normally, though I can write Cas.( I can probably try anyone in the show if need be. I'm willing to try writing Misha or Jensen too.)
I'm looking for:  Dean or Cas. (Misha or Jensen) 
Pairings interested in: Dean/Cas  (I see a theme developing here...) Misha/Jensen.

Story ideas: None I can think of right this second, but I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas when I need too. I have a few AU ideas, and am fond of the 2014!verse. And vampire Cas or Dean. I'm good with crossovers too, and can play more then one character if needed! Something to do with wings, profound bonds and hurt/comfort would also be fun to RP. I'd like to know what sort of thing my partner wanted first, but I have some ideas. RPS ideas would probably have to be AU.

Feelings about RP:  I've watched everything up too series six, of which I've only seen certain episodes... I would prefer not to write anything Non-con but otherwise I'm pretty open. I should be able to do one post a day and would really prefer someone literate please :) . Though I would like an RP where romance is a must, rating is as high as you want it to be, I'd like plot with my smut! I haven't written RPS before, but am definitely willing to try it, because hey, why not?

Method of play: Email would probably be best but I'm willing to discuss other methods. I use MSN. Just comment if you're interested! 
Anything to add: I can't wait to meet some other Supernatural RPers! I'm not too strict (even if I might sound it) and this looks like fun, it's a pretty awesome show after all!
Impala :D
5th-May-2011 05:17 pm(no subject)
Name:  Alexx Aplin
LJ: aaplin_94
Timezone: CST ( central standard time)

I write: 
Sam winchester
I'm looking for:  Dean winchester

Pairings interested in: Sam / Dean

Story ideas: I am open to a lot of plot ideas from all over the series, i haven't seen seasons five or six (i missed episodes in five so i don't count it) but most of them are AU (aka where its the same universe as the show but the timeline is changed, or things of that nature) I'd like to see what my partner wants before hand, but i have a few ideas.

Feelings about RP:  Sam / Dean romance is a must, with the hot smut to go with it, i like plot with my smut though, so no PWP (though as long as there's plot somewhere i don't really care how MUCH sex is in it, i do like a lot though) but if that's what you want just ask. :) 
I am on all the time so i'd prefer if you let me know if you aren't going to be around for a while, don't just say "lets RP" then abandon me for two weeks or stop talking to me at all, have the decency to tell me if you don't like the rp. I cannot tolerate speak like (dean ran 2 sam "dude u ok?" ) please be literate, if i have to use a decoder ring to figure out what the hell you're saying it's not gonna work out.

Method of play: 
Aim - aaplin93@yahoo.com   
yahoo - aaplin93@yahoo.com
msn - aaplin93@live.com
(IM RP only please)

Anything to add?

I really enjoy RP, i'm not as strict as i make myself out to be, i promise. I really love getting to know my RPers and i really enjoy Supernatural too, its a lot of fun to roleplay, please add me or comment here if you're interested. :)
5th-May-2011 09:18 am - Self-Promotion

spn_rpers spn_rpers spn_rpers spn_rpers spn_rpers spn_rpers spn_rpers spn_rpers 

Geared toward getting role-players in the Supernatural community connected with each other. 

Nerdy is Sexy
5th-May-2011 12:14 am - Profile: Ashes4Twenty

Name:  Sammy
LJ: [info]ashes4twenty   
Timezone: CST

I write:  Mainly Sam Winchester, but I can play Dean Winchester, Jimmy Novak, Castiel, Balthazar and pretty much anyone in the show if need be...

I'm looking for:  Dean Winchester <3 , Castiel, Jimmy Novak, & Balthazar

Pairings interested in:  Sam/Dean <3, Sam/Balthazar, Castiel/Balthazar, Jimmy Novak/Castiel... (Never done this last one but I sooo want to >.>)

Story ideas:  I don't have any off the top of my head, but I'm good at winging it. Give me an inch and I can plot for miles. Defintely eager to meet more of my fellow RPers in the fandom.

Feelings about RPing: I'm current with the series (have watched every episode aired). I've got a few years under my belt in this fandom. I mainly write Wincest. I do NOT write Dean/Cas. I don't like writing non-con (rape/sexual abuse) , excessive torture, or mpreg. Anything else goes, but if you have a question do please ask. I also like having a plot, though it doesn't always have to be complicated. I might not be able to churn out 20 posts a day because life gets busy, but I can do at least 1 post a day.

Method of play:
I use AIM but I prefer rping through email because that's what I normally check though I'm open to other options.

Anything to add?  If you're interested just comment. Thanks for reading :)

Nerdy is Sexy
3rd-May-2011 10:30 pm - Affiliates

01. Devil's Gate: A Sam and Dean Wincest Roleplay Archive


If you would like to be an affiliate to spn_rpers leave a comment to this post and I will add you back :)

SPN_RPers&#39; Mod Icon
3rd-Apr-2011 12:23 am - Community Info & Rules


Inspired by my past struggles in finding fellow role-players in the Supernatural fandom spn_rpers  was created to fill a small but special void. 

This community is a place specifically geared toward getting role-players in the Supernatural community connected with each other.  Here members will be able to post RP Profiles, ideas for prospective role-plays, and advertise existing relevant role-play communities to the fandom. All preferences including general, heterosexual, homosexual, and incestual pairings will be welcomed. In that regard all members will be expected to respect each other's preferences.  Members interested in playing with real-people-pairings from the Supernatural cast will also be welcomed here.

To help this experience be as streamlined as possible this community is now the home of the Character Tag List system! Members are highly encouraged to utilize this tagging system while posting their RP Profiles; adding tags about the characters they 'play' and the characters they 'want' to play with. As a young community there are a small number of character tags, but as the need arises I'll be more than willing to add characters as needed.


  1. RPers interested in role-playing as characters/actors from the Supernatural fandom are welcomed here!
  2. All relationship preferences (general, straight, gay, incestuous, or other) are allowed so there is a strict NO BASHING policy. If offensive behavior occurs please Contact-The-Mod with your issues and grievances. If a problem occurs there will be one warning issued. After that the offending member will be banned.
  3. After joining the community members are encouraged to post a Role-Player Profile using the following form. Understanding that over time what we want to write in the fandom can change profiles can be changed and reposted using the following form.
  4. Promoting RP journals or communities relevant to the Supernatural fandom is allowed and should be tagged as follows; !promotion
  5. We are accepting affiliates! So if you would like to affiliate with spn_rpers  please comment here!!
  6. If you would like to promote the community feel free to do so. Just let me know at Contact-The-Mod.
  7. Make friends and have fun!!! :D
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