Looking For Long Term Destiel Roleplay Partner/s?


I have been roleplaying as Castiel for five years now. I am looking for some experienced long term Dean Winchester roleplaying partners for Destiel! (We can add side characters, but have the focus be Dean and Cas.) I have plenty of plots for us to go over, but I will go ahead and warn you that some of them can be very dark  in nature. If you want pure fluff without any angst, drama or life turning event of some kind, I apologize, but then I am not the partner for you. You also must be 18+ due to possible smut scenes. 

I would say my perfect partner would write as Dean Winchester, and be lengthy in replies as my reply length tends to automatically match yours. I can go up to 2,000 characters when responding and if I get really into what I'm currently writing, I can do more. I love writing full fledged stories rather than "text talk." But we can talk OOC for just in general and also plotting together. 

I can play many different variations of our beloved Angel of the Lord including but not limited to: Winged!Castiel, Leviathan!Castiel, Endverse!Castiel, Godstiel, Werewolf!Castiel, Vampire!Castiel, and pretty much any AU occupation that is needed. 

I understand people have many kinks, I have a few myself depending on the scenario, but I'd say my main one is Wing Kink for when I play Castiel with his wings. 

Things I will NOT do:

Mpreg (I do A/B/O with Cas as the Omega (only because I think he fits that role better in that dynamic), but I do not involve that aspect)

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destiel. sabriel. something else ending with -el

Hello! Call me Saya. I'm 19, have about five or six years RP experience, write in third-person paragraph form, usually on Gmail but I can be easily persuaded for elsewhere, and I enjoy surrealism and slasher flicks. Pizza and soda is good for a first date.

I got roped into this fandom because I wanted to write the Nerdy Trenchcoat Angel, and now I feel about ready to write the Nerdy Trenchcoat Angel. So if you actually play Dean and need a nerdy trenchcoat boy? Hi how do you do. :] I can probably flip him into Jimmy if you want. That is definitely an option.
Along the way I realized that I am actually Sam Winchester, so he's my side B. Both of their dialogues I can write easy as breathing.
(Bonus side C: Gabriel. Maybe. I'm like, 89% down. The other 11% is mere uncertainty.)

>Gabriel/Tricky Boy??
>Anyone you want me to double tbh

Now that that's settled: I actually only hard-ship Destiel and Sabriel 'cause I'm picky, but I can be coaxed into something else on the side. Even if I'm selective, I'm flexible. (Except Wincest no thank you)
I prefer AUs, either urban or fantasy or a switcharound of canon roles (like, idk Cas as a hunter or something). I like that omegaverse and fin-kin stuff (actually I am in love with the fin-kin stuff and currently drooling over it so keep that in mind). Anything else, we can totally discuss.
I don't really care about smut, shockingly. I'd prefer it happen, but that it's not the main focus of the RP. Sloooow burn please.

>Gabriel/Tricky Boy
>Give me ideas please

It's kind of weird that my plays and wants are basically the same but eh, whatever.

If you want some hot supernatural roleplays with a cool person, please email at radiantlunate@gmail.com. We can OOC in Discord or something if you want after, or wherever you're comfortable with. Like I said: v flexible. :]
(please don't let this com be dead omg)

Looking For Long term rp and Destiel, Sabriel shipper

Hey, name’s Ash. I’m 23 yo. Still live with my parents due to a disability... I have a WiFi curfew of 11 pm EST to 6 am EST, put In place only because I have insomnia.

Paragraph or script:
Paragraph, third person POV, past tense: but I mix present and past together a lot.

Pairings: Sabriel, Destiel

Charcters I want to play: Cas (maybe Sam, if the rp calls for it)
Characters you play: Dean (and Gabe)

Djinn Dream
Cannon Divergent
(There May be more/ we can combine too, feel free to ask.)

Male Lactation (for Mpreg only)

No gos:
Extreme animal or child abuse


Dean Bowtied

Dean looking for Sam/Cas/Or Crossovers.

Name: Georgie
LJ: This one.
Timezone: NZDT (But I'm on a lot)

I write: Dean, Sammy and Castiel, but my main is preferably Dean. (Also play 11th Doctor if anyone is interested in a crossover)

I'm looking for (from the fandom):

  • Sammy

  • Castiel.

  • Lucifer

  • Gabe/Trickster

I'm looking for (outside the fandom):

  • The Doctor

  • Will Turner (Flying Dutchman Captain from Pirates of the Caribbean)

  • Damon (Vampire Diaries)

  • Marvel Characters (Male only)

  • Xmen Charactes

  • Any male characters, even OC.

Pairings interested in:

  • Destiel

  • Wincest

  • Any slash pairing.

Story ideas:

  • Well with pirates of the Caribbean, I'm thinking Dean and Sammy die at sea (I can play both) and become crew on the ship.

  • Sam/Dean, you know the deal, the boys hunt things. Fix each other up, look out for each other. And who knows ;) I can deal with any kind of Sammy where it comes to this. You want Demonblood!Sammy, you can play Demonblood!Sammy. Hell you can even play Lucifer Sammy or Soulless!Sammy if you like. I'm good with anything. Even college Sam.

  • Destiel, well god, it's one of my favorite pairings when the player is around. I haven't had much success with Castiel's yet, but I'm really hoping to find one soon. I have a thing for all the good Castiel!kinks, we can talk about that later.

  • As for the others lets talk.

Feelings about RP: Well here the thing. I've been roleplaying for about 12 years now. I don't do anything but Slash really, though if you're offering me up someone strong like idk for example Ellen Ripley from aliens or Sarah Connor from Terminator, then maybe I'd talk about it. But other than that, sorry. I am over 18 so I do like to smut a bit, but please, I like plot with my smut and a lot of it. I write in third person and trust me, I'm good with typos and with people being on phones and anything, as long as you're willing to let me know if you're going to keep me waiting. I can throw out up to 200 posts a day if we've got something good and trust me these aren't one liners. I write everything from a one liner (for times when I need a reply or a reaction) up to 3000 words for a nice length, descriptive starter. I don't /expect/ anything form you, other than GOOD COMMUNICATION. This is a partnership and it wont work any other way.

Method of play:

  • AIM

  • Google Docs/Drive

  • Maybe LJ threading. (This may be unlikely as people who do this seem to ditch the most)

Anything to add?: Yeah, if you have any intention of dropping out, that's cool with me okay, we all have different tastes and different lifestyles and personalities, but don't just leave me hanging, let me know. I'll be cool. Also, if you wish to rp with me and want my aim etc, INBOX ME, it's the best way.

| wonderboy smile

Dean looking for Sam or Jo

Name: M.
LJ: N/A.
Timezone: U.S Eastern.

I write: Dean Winchester.
I'm looking for: Sam Winchester or Jo Harvelle.
Pairings interested in: I am strongly interested in Sam/Dean more than anything, it's my OTP of OTPS and I'd love someone to share the love of this pairing with. or Dean/Jo, I love that pairing as well and would love to explore the possibilities between them.

Story ideas: I've got some ideas rolling around in my head, such as what about the other generations Azazel was talking about or what could have happened after season 5 besides what actually happened. We could always shoot the shit and come up with our own plot, I'm always game for that.
Feelings about RP: I'm not exactly smut driven, of course for Wincest smut would be a must but that shouldn't be all a game is about.
Method of play: I prefer writing in a community on LJ or through pms, or generally somewhere it's already logged for us so we don't have to worry about keeping logs on our computers. I'm never good at remembering where I put things.

Anything to add? Nope. I think I've pretty much covered it. I know this community is small, but I hope someone is interested. This place really should have more people in it. I mean hell all those HP communities have people.

Community Gravedigging. For Slash.

Name: Sentinel
LJ: sentinelwulf
Timezone: Atlantic

I write: Castiel, Jimmy, and some OCs
I'm looking for: Dean, Sam, or Crowley. Other characters can be fun too.
Pairings interested in:Destiel. It's kind of a given. :p I'm up for Cas/Almost Anybody though.

Story ideas:Obligatory Cas and Dean awkward romance goes here.

Human!Cas trying to help out on hunts, or just function properly.

Castiel sexual discovery or manipulation/blackmail is fun.

Godstiel being a rampaging jerkface holds many possibilities.

Also like the idea of AUs with Master/Slave scenarios because I'm a perv.

Feelings about RP: I'm a very experienced RPer, however I am totally new to Supernatural RP. I only just got the notion to try it recently.

I like players who I can chat at outside of RP, and who are patient when waiting for a reply. xD Open mind and good grammar makes you awesome.

I dislike having requirements for posting, ie. "it has to be this long". Sometimes my posts are big, sometimes they're small. It varies.

I mostly tend to do smutty stuffs, but I also love horror stories. I also rock wing!kink at every possible opportunity.

Method of play: AIM = TheSentinelWolf

MSN = SentinelWolf@hotmail.ca

Anything to add? I'm extremely quiet by nature, so you may have to jab me with sharp objects. If you message me and I don't respond, then I am not at the computron. My status lies all the time.

I am plenty friendly and open, so hit me up for RP or just general fandom squeeing, or whatever it is you wish to do.
Crowley says Hm.

(no subject)

Timezone: GMT -5

I write: Sam, Dean, Crowley, Castiel as the mains. I consider myself pretty versatile, so I'm willing to pick up anyone else needed for the plot.

I'm looking for: Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, Sam, Dean

Pairings interested in: At the moment, I'm craving a Gabriel to my Sam. I like rare pairs, so Crowley/Dean, Crowley/Cas, Crowley/Gabe(?). Willing to do Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas, and Wincest if tempting plot/excellent partner. If it's not on here, you're still free to ask. As long as it's a male/male pair, I'm generally pretty comfortable about it.

Story ideas: Likely to be something AU-ish, either an alternate storyline (what if this happened, what if this didn't happen) or something totally different. I kind of like to get with my partners about what they like and we'll go from there.

Feelings about RP: I have the most experience with playing Crowley, perhaps surprisingly. I like creative AUs and storylines that build relationships. I do smut. I can do PWP. I am a big stickler on characterization and literacy. Obviously some fumbling is to be expected, but I'm ultimately going to need someone who can stand up to my writing or outdo it (you may look at my journal for examples of my writing, though everything is about a year old). I like prose over script writing, but if we get comfortable enough with one another, I'll switch to script. I love someone who has ideas, but as long as you're willing to brainstorm with me, it's not necessary.

Absolutely no OCs. The only pair I really draw the line at is John/the boys. I'm willing to discuss anything else.

Method of play: AIM, email, or google docs are my prefs. Willing to do alternate methods. Please don't ask for LJ threading because then I'll have to purchase accounts.

Anything to add? I tag fairly slowly, depending on what day of the week it is. Please be patient with me!

(no subject)

Name: Misha

LJ: This one.

Timezone: EST, GMT -5

I write: I've been rping as Castiel for an almost ridiculous amount of time, and am generally interested in playing any version of him(end!verse, leviathan!castiel, godstiel, etc.).

I'm looking for: Dean Winchester

Pairings interested in: Destiel

Story ideas: I'm willing to play around with plots from any of the seasons, and I'm completely in love with end!verse. I do enjoy twisting around canon and changing plots for the sake of making something more interesting, such as end!verse Dean and Castiel surviving. I have a major thing for rping fallen!Cas, and just him learning and discovering all these things that he never would've known before. 

And while we're at it, I also have a couple silly things that I've been thinking about for a while now, one of which including an X-Files-esque plot bunny, just because I enjoy supernatural-things and silliness with a dash of mystery. 

I've taken a very large interest in angels over the last few months, and after reading through about a hundred internet pages and the fifteen books at the foot of my bed, I feel like I know more than I should. So if there's any chance for me to show off my knowledge of angels, believe me, I'll take it in a heartbeat. 

I also enjoy writing wings, and have a handful of headcanons/thoughts about them. Wing rps are always nice(actually, they're more than nice). I'm constantly finding some way to mention them in an rp, just a warning.

Feelings about RP:  I'm willing to rp just about anything, and I don't really have any sort of limit. I'm up for any sort of AU or verse, and I'm willing to rp quite a few kinky things. Fluff is cool, smut is cool, angst is cool, everything is good to go with me. I'm completely in love with rping any sort of Cas, so any sort of plot is fine with me.

I've been rping for about six or so years now, and in multiple places. I started out on chatboxes, worked my way to forums, and about a year ago I left all the forums I frequented and began rping on Tumblr. Now I mostly stick to email and IM's(which ever works best for my rp partner). I got into the Supernatural fandom around season five, went back to watch all the other episodes, and I've stuck around ever since. 

Method of play: I prefer rping over Skype or MSN, but email is also something I could do. I'm willing to get any sort of messenger, really. Just ask. 

Anything to add? I'm on at almost all hours of the night, since I hardly ever sleep nowadays, so I don't believe timezone will be any sort of difficulty. I prefer long-term rp partners, and I think it's especially interesting to see how your characterizations grow over the time you rp together. :)